Renowned surgeon charged with beating his wife – again – was stripped of license long ago

10 09 2010

Newspapers reported this week that Michael Brown has been arrested and charged with beating his fourth wife. The arrest was not his first. In 2002 he was charged with beating his third wife – who was pregnant – with a broken bedpost.

A familiar face to TV viewers

You probably recognize Brown. Until his most recent arrest, he was featured in television advertisements for his Brown Hand Centers. Surrounded by his wife and children, he told viewers that “the Brown Hand Center will care for you, just as I care for my own family.”

But he is no longer licensed to practice medicine

Brown has not been licensed to practice medicine in Texas for years. The Texas Medical Board placed him on probation following the criminal charges in 2002 and then in 2006 the Board revoked his license after he tested positive for cocaine.

Interestingly, the website for the Brown Hand Centers states that Brown is “retired” from the practice of medicine. It fails to mention that he could not practice if he wanted to. (One wonders if the Board should do something about that.)

For more details on Brown’s discipline by the Board, go the Board’s website at www. and click on the tab labeled “Look Up a Licensee.”




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10 09 2010
Brad Closson

Good article David. Keep them coming!

Brad Closson
Connective Management

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