Turning away help delivered on a silver platter

9 08 2010

Sophocles said “Chance never helps those who do not help themselves.” Those thoughts were illustrated beautifully at a recent administrative hearing for an electrician whose license is on the line because of his serial run-ins with the law.

The state took a chance on him

The Department of Licensing and Regulation gave the electrician a license in March 2009. It did so despite knowledge that he had a criminal history including these seven convictions:

• robbery with bodily injury in 1982

• misdemeanor theft by check in 1998

• misdemeanor assault with injury 2000

• misdemeanor assault with injury 2001

• misdemeanor assault with injury 2001

• misdemeanor assault with injury 2001

• misdemeanor theft 2007

According to testimony of a TDLR investigator, the agency issued the license despite the convictions because it “was willing to take a chance on” the electrician.

He did not help himself

But after he was licensed, the electrician was convicted of three more crimes:

• felony theft in May 2009

• misdemeanor theft in June 2009

• felony theft in November 2009

The new convictions were more than the TDLR could bear. So it moved to revoke his license and the electrician requested a hearing.

The law

A licensing agency may revoke the license of a person who has been convicted of a crime that directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the occupation. And the TDLR has determined that theft directly relates to the duties of an electrician.

In this case, the administrative law judge found that the TDLR’s action was justified and she agreed that the electrician’s license should be revoked.

To find out more about the case, see the Proposal for Decision in SOAH Docket NO. 452-10-3391.ELC at www.soah.state.tx.us.




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10 08 2010
Brad Closson

Really good post David. Sure like the real-life examples. Very clear. Thanks for sharing.

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